•  Such a great use of time, so many meetings with the right people in a timely manner. Also great industry insights for the year ahead, it will fuel my client conversations for months to come. 

    Channel Partner, UK

  •  The only event for the channel that is really worth going to each year. 

    Channel Partner, South Africa

  •  I would like to have more Canalys sessions. The information you give the audience is invaluable. 

    Distributor, Denmark

  •  Gaining insight into how the business leaders of key vendors are positioning their worlds is of great value - likewise the opportunity to network with such a wide array of business owners is a massive benefit. 

    Channel Partner, UK

  •  The One to One meetings and the informal network give the most concrete and short term benefit of participating, while the Keynotes are good at indicating direction and future focus. 

    Channel Partner, Denmark

  •  Best event I've attended in the last 25 years of being in the IT industry! 

    Channel Partner, Netherlands

  •  The biggest benefit I received from this conference was the opportunity to meet other executives in the industry. It was a great venue to discuss best practices and really learn from your peers. 

    Channel Partner, Philippines

  •  It is a rare opportunity that we are able to meet most of the industrial distributors and partners together in one event. That has given us the opportunity to meet and know about their future product expansion in one go. 

    Channel Partner, Singapore

  •  The comprehensive insights of the top brands (EMC, Cisco, Microsoft and SAP) gave us a good roadmap for our growth. I valued the sharing of Steve Brazier, who successfully got me INSPIRED and really ENGAGED in his talk and ICT vision, as well as showed us how we can accelerate our business. 

    Channel Partner, Philippines

  •  You get to hear from all vendors under one roof. Great value. 

    Channel Partner, India

  •  Hearing first-hand information on upcoming products and solutions per brand, collaboration and integration of different main brands was invaluable. 

    Channel Partner, Philippines

  •  Having all major vendors together in one event allowed me to save time and travel costs. Hearing the vendors discuss their roadmaps and direction has also added tremendously to my own business direction. 

    Channel Partner, Philippines

  •  The one-to-one meetings exposed us to the key industry executives and chart the new paths of growth. 

    Distributor, Singapore

  •  Best practices across APAC and WW - Excellent way of understanding trends and shifts in IT industry. 

    Distributor, Australia

  •  Great event - great speakers, relevant topics & contents, and of course great venue! 

    Distributor, India

  •  Dedicated time with key partners and players in the industry was excellent. 

    Distributor, Barbados

  •  Networking, Increasing own business portfolio, Better knowledge of market trends. 

    Channel Partner, Mexico

  •  Good to have many vendors together so you can really use the time to meet with all of them. There is plenty of time to network with our customers and vendors. 

    Distributor, Chile

  •  The only event focused on the distributor and in LATAM. 

    Channel Partner, Mexico

  •  I was very satisfied with the methodology you use, the app was amazing, maybe will be great have more vendors as Symantec, Citrix 

    Channel Partner, Costa Rica

  •  El mayor beneficio fue el conocer tantas personas de otros paises, acercamiento con nuestros proveedores, y las reuniones uno a uno 

    Channel Partner, Guatemala

  •  Durante el evento logre tener reuniones uno a uno con personas que pueden ayudar a mejorar nuestra cadena de abastecimiento y ofrecer productos a nuestros clientes en un menor tiempo y a un menor costo 

    Channel Partner, Colombia

  •  Excelente foro de la industria a nivel latinoamerica 

    Channel Partner, Mexico

  •  Un formato diferente de convención centrado en los resellers, por lo que se pudo obtener gran cantidad de información y retroalimentarla con fabricantes y distribuidores. La aplicación móvil facilitó mucho todo, felicidades!!!!!!! 

    Channel Partner, Mexico