Channel-First, Today and Tomorrow: Launching Lenovo’s new Asia Pacific Channel Portal

Thu 27 Oct, 10:00am - 11:00am


Charis Jamieson, Commercial Marketing Director, Asia Pacific - Lenovo

Charis Jamieson is the newly appointed Commercial Marketing Director at Lenovo for Asia Pacific where she covers Partner and End User marketing in Global, Relationship and SMB segments. Charis recognises... [more]

Nick Reynolds, Chief Marketing Officer, Asia Pacific - Lenovo

As the Chief Marketing Officer, Nick oversees Branding, Demand-Generation, Digital marketing, Public Relations and Social media for Lenovo across Asia Pacific’s diverse markets... [more]


With over 95% of its global revenue coming through the channel, Lenovo has always been a channel-first company with a strong ethos of engagement and collaboration with its partners. In this era of digital transformation, new opportunities and platforms have emerged to enhance partnerships. In this workshop, Lenovo’s Asia Pacific Chief Marketing Officer Nick Reynolds and Asia Pacific Commercial Marketing Director Charis Jamieson will give the company’s valued partners an update on its Asia Pacific channel portal and other new engagement platforms, as well as host a discussion on practical ways to improve engagement.

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