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Guangming Li (李光明)

Guangming Li (李光明)

Director of Channel Enablement, Greater China - Dell

Guangming Li is currently the director of Channel Enablement in Greater China, responsible for the strategic planning and implement of commercial channels. Through effective communication and understanding of the headquarters strategy to develop localized channel strategy according to the actual situation in China. By the rapid response of the market change, timely defined the planning which in line with the company's expected growth. Also be responsible for potential partnership development and communication related to the strategic goal of building long-term growth comply with the company's.

Mr. Guangming Li has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry. Before joining DELL, served as the Great China channel strategy director of Schneider Electric- APC, be in charge of the channel strategy planning and management. Prior to this, as the senior manager of EMC Asia Pacific sales operations, and Motorola China and Nortel Networks as the commercial operation manager. Having a unique insight and understanding for the domestic and international IT market, mobile communication and enterprise data communication trends.

Mr. Guangming Li owns a bachelor degree in statistics, and a master degree in finance from the UK University Loughborough. Now also take the role of the council member of Energy Saving division and data center energy association. 



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Thu 27 Oct, 10:00am - 11:00am

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