‘BusinessMirror,’ the name, signals the paper’s commitment to provide people with a broader look at the nation’s business in these challenging times. In a word, this means it covers not just economies or industries or companies or markets, but all the people and elements whose dynamics influence developments, movements and trends. Beyond policies, it raises for the reader the question, “what does this mean to me?” Beyond statistics, it provides the means to understand why data and related information are what they are, what they mean in concrete terms and what are the challenges they pose. Beyond government goals and targets, it provides the readers an idea of how exactly such can influence their personal objectives and directions. BusinessMirror provides as well the means for interaction at every level, across all fields: government with private sector; policymaker with ordinary citizen; corporations with workers; executives with subordinates; big business with small business; entrepreneurs with fellow entrepreneurs—the encounters are limitless, and, mirrored here, provide the dynamism that makes coverage so much more exciting and far broader than an ordinary business paper’s.