Selling through the vortex

Wed 05 Oct, 10:00am - 11:00am


Matthew Ball, Principal Analyst - Canalys

Matthew Ball leads Canalys’ global IT infrastructure research. He analyzes the impact of converging technologies on the channel, covering the networking, data center, Internet of Things and unified communications industries.... [more]


Jim Henrys, Director of Business Solutions and Thought Leadership - Intel

Jim holds the position of Director of Business Solutions and Thought Leadership at Intel Corporation. He is responsible for coordinating and activating business solutions and strategies across vertical industry segments,... [more]

Patrick Schmidt , Managing Director Sales, EBG EMEAR Data Center & Virtualisation - Cisco

In his role as Managing Director Sales, Patrick Schmidt is responsible for the Data Center & Virtualisation organisation in EMEAR leading the next phase of Cisco’s exciting transition with the Optimization... [more]

Simon Longhurst, Driver of Business Led Digital Transformation - Cisco

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We're in the grip of the Vortex of the Change - and it's gaining momentum at an exponential rate.  The 3rd Industrial Revolution is still playing out, yet the 4th Industrial Revolution is virtually upon us. A new era is being ushered in, characterised by a fusion of digital, physical and even biological systems. Drones, robotics, cognitive computing, smart advisors and mixed reality are just some of the innovations that are redefining our relationship to life, to work and the planet. New jobs are coming in, old jobs are going out. Business models continue to evolve - from traditional, to digital, to autonomous as the Programmable Economy rises. To stay ahead, it's imperative for organizations to innovate, 'fail fast', learn and iterate. It's time to change with velocity and urgency - or become a statistic.

The traditional sales model that the technology industry has enjoyed for so long is also being disrupted; who buys, what they buy, how they buy – its changing. This requires a new conversation with a new audience.

In this session Jim and Patrick will share observations on global disruption and how more progressive technology providers are adapting their sales motion in  a world where digital business transformation is becoming a way of life. The Transformation of the Data Center will be used as an example to discuss the impact on traditional Channel Business Models and the need to “Sell” differently. Jim and Patrick will also lay out, how Intel and Cisco can help partner as part of this journey.

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