Connecting Insights

Thu 27 Oct, 13:30pm - 14:15pm


Amar Babu, speaker.278.title - Lenovo


David Tan, speaker.245.title - HP


Dmitri Chen, speaker.236.title - Dell EMC


Juan Carlos Gutierrez, Executive Director Lenovo DCG LATAM - Lenovo

coming soon

Neeraj Sharma, speaker.105.title - Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Tian Beng Ng, speaker.230.title - Dell EMC



The global economy is digitizing fast. Speed, scale and functionality of web services are influencing sentiment around acceptable levels of security and privacy. As more consumers, businesses and governments seek convenience through better use of digital resources, the scope and structure of the ‘information technology’ industry is changing. Mid-market customers need to navigate profound changes to their business approach, portfolio and workflows to competitively leverage insights from ever increasing connections between people, processes and things. Demand shifts and new supply-side dynamics are opening up new opportunities and challenges for channel partners.