Canalys: cloud and datacenter trends?

Wed 16 Nov, 11:30am - 12:30pm


Claudio Stahnke, Research Analyst - Canalys

Claudio focuses on data centers and network infrastructure as a Research Analyst in Canalys’ EMEA office. He uses face-to-face, telephone and desk-based research to study and analyze market trends, producing... [more]

Matthew Ball, Principal Analyst - Canalys

Matthew Ball leads Canalys’ global IT infrastructure research. He analyzes the impact of converging technologies on the channel, covering the networking, data center, Internet of Things and unified communications industries.... [more]


Session only available in English - The migration to cloud services and adoption of hybrid deployment models are stimulating innovation in infrastructure designs and operations. Scale, agility and efficiency of data centers are evolving. This session will share Canalys’ insight on where we are in the migrationto cloud? What are the trends that vendors and channels partners need to address in the coming year and further out?

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