Canalys: Corporate strategy process

Wed 16 Nov, 15:30pm - 16:30pm


Edwin Binder, Principal consultant and member of the board - Canalys

Edwin Binder manages projects for Canalys’ fast-growing consulting department. His particular areas of expertise include corporate strategy, go-to-market analysis, the execution of international expansion, and new market development. Supporting Canalys... [more]


Session only available in English - A vision represents a dream or an idea. A vision turns into a strategic action once resources are deployed against it. A strategic action becomes a corporate strategy once a company has made a commitment to resources that is difficult to reverse. This session allows channel partners to share how they set and implement their corporate strategies. Who owns this responsibility for strategy: the board or the CEO? What level of participation do managers and employees get? How does the implementation team build momentum if much of the strategy lives in the head of the CEO? How can external participation be used effectively? How should the balance between short-term goals and longer-term priorities be managed? What is the role of budgeting? Does the annual plan drive strategy, or can strategy overrule the budget? How much time should management devote to strategy, and how often should the plan be reviewed?

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