Intel: Transforming your Business - Selling during rapid change

Wed 16 Nov, 15:30pm - 16:30pm


Lucas Martinez Diaz, Distribution Sales Director for Latin America - Intel

Lucas Martinez is the Distribution Sales Director for Latin America. In this role he is in charge of sales for all the business units trough the Distributors, managing a team... [more]


Selling during rapid change


A new economic era is being ushered in, characterised by a fusion of digital, physical and even biological systems. Drones, robotics, cognitive computing, smart advisors and mixed reality are just some of the innovations that are redefining our relationship to life, to work and the planet. New jobs are coming in, old jobs are going out. Business models continue to evolve - from traditional, to digital, to autonomous as the Programmable Economy rises. 


The traditional sales model that the technology industry has enjoyed for so long is also being disrupted; who buys, what they buy, how they buy – its changing. This requires a new conversation with a new audience.

In this session Intel will share observations on global disruption and how more progressive technology providers are adapting their sales motion in  a world where digital business transformation is becoming a way of life. The Transformation of the Data Center will be used as an example to discuss the impact on traditional Channel Business Models and the need to “Sell” differently. 

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