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Alastair Edwards

Alastair Edwards

Principal Analyst - Canalys

Alastair Edwards is a Principal Analyst at Canalys and heads the company’s industry-leading Channels Analysis service, providing clients with expert advice on channel trends and strategies. Over the last decade he has worked with many of the largest global technology vendors, supporting the development of their go-to-market models for hardware, software and services. His expertise spans all areas of the channel, and most recently his research has focused on the changing role of partners in new ‘as-a-service’ models. He leads many of Canalys’ strategic consulting projects and is a regular presenter at industry events around the world.

Prior to joining Canalys in 2004, Alastair was the editor of pan-EMEA channel news service, IT Europa. During his six years at IT Europa, Alastair established a strong reputation as a commentator on the dynamic IT channels across EMEA. He has a wealth of experience analyzing the evolution of enterprise and consumer channels, as well as knowledge of EMEA’s diverse regional markets.

Alastair grew up and was educated in Scotland. He started his career in local journalism, before moving into the IT industry in 1998. Alastair holds an Honors Degree in Politics from the University of Exeter.



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