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Alex Smith

Alex Smith

Senior Analyst - Canalys

Alex Smith is a Senior Analyst at Canalys and a member of Canalys’ channels research department. He is lead analyst for the Partner Program Analysis service. Alex has spent more than six years following key IT infrastructure sectors, such as networking, security, servers and storage, assessing market trends and their effect on the IT channel community. He continues to support the research agenda across multiple segments of the enterprise IT industry, and is one of Canalys’ key client-facing analysts. Alex has presented at multiple industry and customer events, and is a regular speaker at the Canalys Channels Forums. In 2012, Alex relocated from the UK to Palo Alto, California to support local clients.

Prior to joining Canalys in 2007, Alex obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, with a Finance Major, from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. The course focused on financial practices, including derivatives, statistical modeling and portfolio management. As part of his degree, Alex also studied multiple business disciplines, including strategy, marketing, logistics and economics. Alex has also worked for an oil exploration company in Calgary, Canada as a Financial Analyst, where he supported internal business planning.

Alex has roots in both Thailand and the United Kingdom and has spent time in the Middle East and North America.



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