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Rachel Lashford

Rachel Lashford

VP, Analysis - Canalys

Rachel Lashford leads Canalys’ global Analysis department. She is responsible for a comprehensive portfolio of advisory services that look into the strategic areas of convergence and collaboration and how they relate to mobility, apps and IT infrastructure. This portfolio includes global services covering networking, data centers, unified communications, IT security, mobile devices and ‘bring-your-own’ trends. She has overall responsibility for customer relationships, delivery of analysis, custom work and research worldwide.

Rachel joined Canalys in September 2000, and has been based in Singapore since establishing the company’s office there in 2006.

Rachel presents on mobility and convergence trends at various industry events and Canalys forums. She has advised clients around the world, and been involved in numerous custom projects. Before Canalys, Rachel worked in industrial chemicals for Bayer. She graduated from Warwick University with an Honors Degree in Philosophy. 



Track: Canalys: Emerging tech, Disruptive Technology Index count down

Wed 16 Nov, 15:30pm - 16:30pm

Session only available in English - Canalys’ focus on the future of 3D printing, autonomous vehicles….and more. What is the technology that is shaping the consumer and enterprise future?

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