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Roberto Canessa

Roberto Canessa

Guest Speaker - Canalys

Internationally renowned cardiologist Roberto Canessa was born in Uruguay in 1953. In October 1972 Roberto was a member of a Uruguayan rugby team flying to a match in Chile when their plane crashed in the Andes, killing most of the 45 passengers. Roberto Canessa made history for being one of the two men who stunned the world for surviving after walking eleven days and climbing 15.000 thousand feet in the Chilean snow capped Andes Cordillera, to guide rescuers back to 14 friends still trapped in the mountains 72 days after their plane crashed. He was one of 16 young men of 45 rugby players who endured extreme conditions severe cold, injuries, starvation and isolation in December 1972.

Today, he is a prominent Pediatric Cardiologist, Director of the Cardiac Ultrasound Department and prenatal diagnosis of Congenital Heart Diseases. He is working in the non-invasive evaluation of Heart Transplant Program and is investigator of Fetal Cardiology ant the Italian Hospital of Montevideo. He graduated from the Universidad de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay with a post- degree in cardiology and pediatric cardiology. He has been awarded with the National Prize in Medicine in 1986 and twice with the Great National Prize in Medicine in 1991 and 1999.

In 1994 he founded the political fraction “Partido Azul”and was candidate for president in that election period. 



Keynote: Closing keynote

Thu 17 Nov, 14:15pm - 15:00pm

A guest appearance by one of the survivors of the Andes 1972 plane crash.

This will be followed by our CCF Championship Awards, Candefero Awards and Vendor Prizes.